Stamford Shoestring Theatre: Visitors by Barney Norris

Visitors, by Barney Norris
Tuesday 12 March to Saturday 16 March, from 7.45pm

A powerful tribute to love, family and gratitude for a life well-lived, this tender and uplifting play received the Critics’ Circle Award 2014.

When Kate, a young blue-haired carer, comes into Arthur and Edie’s home, the three of them develop a surprising friendship.

What follows is an intimate portrait of the love between an elderly couple, the confusion of youth and how one family, made strong by their shared memories of the past, navigates an uncertain present.

Tickets: or 01780 763203

Event Details

This event is running from 12 March 2024 until 16 March 2024. It is next occurring on 12/03/2024 7:45 pm